Homemade sushi


I really want a job as a sushichef at a sushiplace near by.
I have applied for the job and delivered my CV and it didn’t take long before the manager told me to sharpen my knives and start practising my rollingtechniques.
Does this mean the want me for the job?

I decided to make sushi for dinner today, and there was a loot to think about.
I had to get all the ingredients like rice-vinegar, the correct type of rice, wasabi powder and not to mention some sort of fish.
After walking back and fort for almost an hour trying to make up my mind I ended up buying octopus and catfish.
Salmon was next on the list.
Even if I live in Norway and we got the best supply and sortiment of salmon and other fish it can be really hard to find the right fish. I went through a lot of shelves with fish:
Cod for soup (nope)
Cod for stue (NO)
cod for … (enough with the cod)
There it was, all the salmon I could dream of for a regular dinner, but no sushi salmon.
For my sushi i needed the freshest of the freshest, not something freezed or smoked.
I finally ended up with SALMA from yesterdays catch.

The catfish and octopus i bought.

I must say catfish is really suitable for sushi if you fry it first and then stir fry it with tempura battering.
Catfish kinda reminds me of eel.
Same goes for octopus!
Tempura octopus = jum :3

While cutting the fish i noticed how strange and fascinating the catfish was.

It had a hard stonelike shell,protecting the head against predators i guess.The body was slimy and slippery, and it had a soft enough skin to eat it.And the tentacles/antennas, I see where it got its name from.

Unfortunately I got a little to busy and carried away to take pictures of the rolling-process.
But of course I will make more sushi, and then more pictures will come 😉

Til next time

Yours M.E.L

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