new world beauty!

Weather you look upon it like beauty or just being a freak we all have to face the fact that this is getting more and more usual.

I catch myself daydreaming about doing the same things!
One day being able to wake up and be the perfect me, the one I always wanted to look like.
which is why I find girls like these really fascinating and I kinda look up to them.




Don’t get me wrong here.
I’m not saying that they are the perfect image of beauty, and I do not want to look like them.
All I’m saying is that I find them really fascinating and acknowledge their rare beauty.
They had a wishon of how they wanted to look and endured abnormal amounts of pain to get there.
And still most people look down on them, calling them freaks of nature for believing in themselves.

I personally supports and admire them for the hard work.

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