When I finally feel my life is getting better and I’m Starting to feel good I have to get sick.
I was feeling good at workouts and loved being there, I finally had a job to go to…

Now I’m a worthless lump of meat hidden under a blanket in my bed. My nose is running more than niagara falls and I have this strange itch i always get when I got the cold. It feels like its behind my nose or deep inside my ears.
My body feels like it got no strength left and I just want to give up. ( sound so dramatic. )
As you probably figured out by now, I hate being sick and especially the cold.
I now have a personal sneas record, 9 sneezes in a row.

Lucky for me I got a lot of honey and green tea, I also got this menthol smelling inhalant from Thailand which help a lot against my runny nose.
And I got the most amazing boyfriend who bought me a selfheating mattress for the bed, now it’s warm and cosy.
Thank you Wirat ❤

There will be no workout this week!
I want my body to fully recover before I head back to the gym.
While waiting I can build up a good diet and get used to it before pushing my body to the limit again. I can focus on work and do some household work while my muscles get better.

I must admit it feels strange not going to the gym today!
I’ve gotten so used to it and now I’m gonna stay away from it until next week.

Oh, well!
I’ll make up for it by having fun in the kitchen, on todays menu is sushi. (not a surprise I guess.)
I’ll make California roll with shrimp and lobnobs and tempura king prawns.
Gonna serve green tea for drinks and some home made dessert.

Maybe I’ll send a “get well soon” card to my self..!
Just kidding, but it would be nice to get one :3

Well,I’m off!
Need to get to the store and by some ingredients for today’s dinner.


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