Cosplay to me:

To me cosplay is a relief.
It is a burst of confidence and a chance to be anyone I want to be.
I can chose to be the most popular girl in the universe, the toughest fighter or the sweetest person ever.
I can wear really awesome or strange costumes and people will acknowledge me for it.
When I cosplay I finally feel free, I can make jokes and be a clown among other people because it doesn’t matter.
If I manage to be a fool it’s not pinned on me but it’s pinned on the character i chose to be.
I feel I can talk to people instead of choking up, because deep down I’m wearing a mask, I’m pretending to be someone else, and if that someone else is a talker i can be a talker.

Cosplay have helped me get past my social anxiety and made me overcome the fear of speaking to people.
If it wasn’t for cosplay I really don’t know where I would be today, most likely six feet under or someplace locked up in a really tight white suite with buckles on.

So I thank cosplay for helping me being a stronger person and for giving me the courage to try new things.
I also thank all of the people who believe in me and compliment my costumes.

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