I’m still alive!

First of all I wanna say sorry for not posting anything lately. 
But with my new job and all I have been pretty busy. My sparetime have gone to trying to be with my boyfriend.


– “It’s not until you have a job you see how little time you have in this life
                                                                                                                        – Mia.


I’m trying to balance my time doing cosplay, workout, being social, going to work and most importantly my boyfriend. I love crafting and wanna start drawing again, making jewelry, gardening, baking and other stuff in the kitchen.

Lately I feel like my days are just drifting away. Day by day goes by without me feeling I have done something memorable. I’m afraid my life is gonna disappear into nothing. I wanna do so many things!! 
But to do thing I need money, and to get money I need to go to work. 

I only have  a part-time job with almost no hours and low pay. I can barely make enough for rent and other bills. 
The only way to get more hours is to get called for extra help, so i stay at home on standby just incase I get called and can make a little more money.

My social skills are dying because I can’t take the time to go out and meet new people. I don’t know anyone in this town! 
I mean, I have lived in this city for half a year now and I don’t have a single friend! No one to talk to, no one to go and take a coffee with.

I redecorated and painted the living room and made a tea and coffee station  in one of the corners so i could invite friend over, but the sad part is that it was of no use because I don’t know anyone. 
I left everything and everyone I know in Oslo to come live with my boyfriend. Told my selfe it was gonna be a new start and it was gonna be easy to find new friend. I WAS WRONG!!!


– “I now feel like the loneliest person in the world ~ 
                                                                                  – Mia


I’ve started to not caring about my looks, why should I? There’s no one who cares about it anyway. I have no one to look nice for, no occasions to attend. I have almost forgotten how I look with make-up.

I tend to talk to my selfe more often and shut myself away inside my own thoughts on a daily bascis.
I’m careless about myself and most of the time I’m a bit self destructive.


– “Am I turning crazy?
                                      – Mia



I think I need help!

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