Killer stilettos

I simply love high heels myself, the taller the better. I take my heels out on town and try to impress people with cute pumps and elegant heels. But after a couple of hours I end up hating myself for not listening to reason, never ones do I end up doing the right thing.
The society today makes girls willingly suffer through the night in killer heels because it is what’s expected by them. Girls look down on other girls if they don’t bring the highest heels to a party and boys are brainwashed to believe the only hot girl is the playboy-magazine girl in high stilettos. Of course girls get insecure and tuck their feet in high heels then. To try to be like everyone else and fit inn.


There are many things said about high heels.

But something we all know is that the damage your body.

Only thing is how much?
let me take you through it!


Heel height and a narrow toebox can create a thickening of tissue around a nerve between the third and fourth toe, which can lead to pain and numbness in the toes.

Calf muscles contract and adjusts to the angle of the high heel which may cause them to shorten and tighten.

Tight-fitting shoes can cause a painful bony growth on the joint of at the base of the big toe,which forces the big toe to angle in towards the other toes.

The altered posture of walking in high heels places excess force on the inside of the knee. The pressure on the joint increases by as much as 26 % when wearing high heels.

Strong deformations on the foot will occur after long lasting wear of high heels.

shorter stepsShorter and more steps and damaging hip rotations.

The set off in your natural balance point causes backpain and a bad posture.

natural balance


These are only some of the bi-effects of wearing high heels.
This was only to raise awareness of how damaging it can be.



So girls!
Before you think about heading out on town in stilettos, think about your health and body instead 😉

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