No more sugar!

I remember half a year ago I was a total sugar addict.
It wasn’t unusual for me to put more than 3 tablespoons of sugar in my tea and my coffee was even worse.
I would normally laugh it off if someone commented on my sugar abuse. The truth is, I got really nauseated by all the sugar and the taste wasn’t that good either.
Imagine taking a spoon of sugar and leave it in your mouth till it dissolves and become a thick slimy sweet tasting gue, that is how bad my tea and coffee was.


Gradually I started using less and less sugar. It was hard to begin with because I was so used to the sickening sweet taste. The fact that I used black tea didn’t help either, it is too strong and too bitter.
I really tried to find a balance and compensate for the lost sugar and the bitter taste.

After a lot of tries and failures I found out peppermint- and green- tea works perfectly without sugar.
And my coffee is “sugar free”. (that means I’m not adding any sugar to it.)
All I need is a teaspoon of honey

I’m also trying to avoid sugar in anything I eat, but the way the world and food is today you can’t really get away from it. Eating as little as possible is a good start tho.
Replace snacks with a carrot, or if you really want to spoil yourself you can eat freshly cut fruits and vegetables together with guacamole or any other kind of dipping sauce.

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